Thursday, July 9, 2015

How to save seeds

 How to save seeds and the containers to use when saving seeds.

If you research there are a lot of ways to save seeds.  My way doesn't work on all seeds.  A lot of my seed saving has come from trial and error.
Harvest your seeds at the right time then clean and dry them.

Beans and peas will dry on the vine then you may set aside on a dry area for a few days before placing in your bottle or bag.
Peppers need to have the seeds cut out of the fruit and place the seeds on a paper towel to dry a few days.  When dry place in your jar or bag.
To ferment seeds such as tomato or melon place slimy seeds in a quart glass jar with just as much water as seeds and strings.  Set in a warm area, ' not in direct sun."  for about seven days.
Place a paper towel or cheese cloth in a calender. Drain then let seeds dry.  If seeds grow roots before they dry just go ahead and plant them then start a new jar of fermenting seeds.  If your seeds started to root next time drop a few days off the fermenting time .
After seeds are dry store in containers in the refrigerator . Only store until the next planting season.

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