Sunday, June 11, 2017

2017 First Crop of the Year

This is the first picking from my garden this year.  To tell the truth I only have two tomato plants, a few okra plants, one pepper and a cucumber plant along with strawberry  vines and blueberry bushes.
 The next day I was able to pick one okra and one cucumber.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Prepare for a Long Plane Flight

Prepare for your plane flight

Before your flight prepare yourself at least five days in advance.  During this time drink plenty of water.  Watch what you eat.  Avoid greasy, salty foods and foods that cause gas.  Yes, that means you can't eat at your favorite burger joint or eat the beans and cabbage you love so much.
     The day of your flight avoid carbonated and alcoholic beverages.  Remember you don't want any drink that will cause you to become dehydrated or make you frequent the bathroom on the plane.
    When you board be smart and take sanitize wipes to wipe everything that people touch on the plane. Some planes have sanitizing wipes you can ask the flight attendant to bring you.  If you don't understand this google the germs on a plane.  It is better to look silly than to become sick from those germs left behind from some other person.
    Most important prevent DVT by moving around every so often.  Get up and walk up and down the isle every hour or two.  Stretch your legs and reposition yourself in the seat often.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Home Made Christmas Present

I took a bowl from the kitchen that I don't use anymore to make this.

I added sand and a rock.  I put the plants I wanted to include inside egg shells.
After I planted the plants inside of the egg shells I put them in the sand.

I placed some small pebbles in the shells to cover up the dirt.

 The bone is a Christmas ornament.

I made the rake out of a stick in the yard and the prongs out of thorns from my lemon tree.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Beautiful Flowers

Beautiful Flowers

Beautiful flowers can make a face shine
Beautiful flowers can increase a pleasant spirit
Beautiful flowers are planted by beautiful hands
Beautiful flowers help lighten the mood
Beautiful flowers are another gift from God.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Chickens in the House

A family member has two chickens.  She will put them outside when they are older.

Visiting Panama City Beach, Florida in December 2015

The color of the buildings always calls out to me.

Alvin's Island is one place my children loved to go when they were little.

It is funny how the blue on this one home stands out.

I like to contrast of the chairs from the condo.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Unattended Garden

Unattended Garden

 This is what happens to a garden when it is abandoned.

I have not been able to do much with my garden since August.  In two days we will celebrate Christmas and I finally had a chance to look at my poor garden.  I was delighted to find a few tomatoes ready to pick.

 It looks like I have an onion that will be ready if the weather holds out.

 Here is a snail that has devoured my strawberry plant.

 They still have some flowers and berries on them.
 If I find time to care for them I may have strawberries in February.

 My peach tree looks dead.  Something has broken off the top.
 The blue berry bush looks good.
 Don't know about the pomegranate bush.  It may do OK in a few years.

 Two more blueberry bushes but they are overtaken with sand.
 T?he old garden looks bad.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Words Used During the Christmas Season

Words Used During the Christmas Season

Christmas conversations often use the same words.

Here is a small list.

Son of God      Jesus         Christ     King          Prince
Most High     Holy Spirit     Spirit      Savior        Glorious     
Baby              Child         Almighty    Born       Birth     Nativity             Stable        manger    Inn         hay
Peace               Love          Joy           good      heart
praises              music        singing      glory     worship
Star                  heaven      holey          tidings     Blessed
Everlasting     throne     Kingdom     righteousness   Greetings      forever         praising   Singing     Glorifying  Worship     Overjoyed     praises     Glory 
Favored     Woman    Mother    Pregnant     Womb             Mary       Virgin   Expecting    Angel    Joseph     David     Luke   Matthew   Isaiah   Abraham  Gabriel     Elizabeth   Caesar     Augustus     Quirinal's     Shepherds     Magi    Wise men      Presented   Treasures    Gifts     incense     Myrrh    Frankincense     gold  Merry Christmas      Heaven   Bethlehem      Nazareth     Galilee     Judea   Israel       Village          East                Fields     Flocks     Donkey         Jews            Romans     Tax     Decree     Census        Appeared  Dream    Night    

Friday, November 27, 2015

Wake up Call

Wake up Call
 My alarm clock has fur.  Every morning at six A.M. a black monster comes and starts to make sounds that wake me up.  If I try to ignore all the commotion I get a bite on the nose or lip.
Sometimes I try to cover my head so I can get a few minutes of sleep but this black, furry, monster starts to claw through the blankets.  She has even clawed my new bed spread one  morning when I attempted to hide under it.
Well I'm up now. " Love my furry alarm clock!"