Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac passed us.

Spared from Tropical Storm Isaac so far

8-28-12 12:00AM
I walked to Oaks by the Bay to see how high the water was.  It is at the first step.

 Since we are in Florida and the storm is going to hit Louisiana we don't have much to be concerned about.
It is a beautiful sunny day, a little hot but the wind is wonderful.

It did look like this homeowner may have a problem with is dock.

This is a little under water.

 It looks like some wood washed up on the bank.
 I hope this tree will make it another sentry.
I had to take another picture of the palm.

 The boat and flag are pictures I took for my Grandson.

 It is funny they close the schools but don't take in the city swings.