Saturday, March 5, 2011

Taking time to introduce my new family member

This adorable cat adopted me yesterday. She was so loving that I had to bring her home.
I did have the good since to take her to the vet before bringing her into my home. The veterinarian said she had already been fixed bet he gave her all her shots and checked her for feline leukemia and worms. After a clean bill of health and purchasing a lot of cat necessities I brought her home. We will see tonight how well she uses the litter box before I let her out of the bathroom unsupervised.

Using a damp wash cloth to wipe her fur didn't seem to do any good to clean her. She did enjoy the attention of the rub down.

Her name is D.J. and she seems to like her new home.

After introducing her to the house I let her take a nap as I worked on the computer. As you can see she has a big yawn.