Friday, November 27, 2015

Wake up Call

Wake up Call
 My alarm clock has fur.  Every morning at six A.M. a black monster comes and starts to make sounds that wake me up.  If I try to ignore all the commotion I get a bite on the nose or lip.
Sometimes I try to cover my head so I can get a few minutes of sleep but this black, furry, monster starts to claw through the blankets.  She has even clawed my new bed spread one  morning when I attempted to hide under it.
Well I'm up now. " Love my furry alarm clock!"

Princess Flight

Princess Flight
 Today is Friday and we will stay inside and eat left overs from Thanksgiving .
If the truth be told Flight will only get cat food.  There is a big rule in this home, " No table food for Flight".
There have been a lot of articles about how bad table food is for your pet and we will take no chance on our little princess.
 Flight likes to climb up on the chair and slap at me if I don't pay her enough attention.
 It's time for my exercise, Flight seams to say as she looks up at me.
 I always try to make Flight get some exercise but I'm only able to chase her around the house one or two times a day.
 Flight said, "Mom does a good job with the loud machine that sucks air up off the floor.
I believe she said it was a vacuum.  It is offal loud."

  What's this?  Flight seams not to understand when I tell her that she is shedding.
 Attention she seams to say as she waits for her brushing of the day.
Flight may have an issue with being disturbed when playing with my toys.

Now it is time to sit and relax.
Princess Flight on her throne.

Awesome day for a Bird Bath

Awesome day for a Bird Bath
It is a little funny that the old lady next door has a bird bath and feeds the birds at the same time she feeds about forty feral cats.

This lovely cat seams to be asking, " where did all the birds go?"

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Winning the War is Never Giving UP

Winning the War is Never Giving up
The Survivors are the Winners

Often when the world is so hard and our hearts are broken we want to give up.  When the people in the world are so evil to each other we just want to escape away from this life.
The problem is if we give up and allow the evil people to take over then we let them win.  If all you do is survive you win.  You are the one person they were not able to take out.  
So hold up your head, take a breath and do what ever you can to live another day.
Don't let them win.