Sunday, June 11, 2017

2017 First Crop of the Year

This is the first picking from my garden this year.  To tell the truth I only have two tomato plants, a few okra plants, one pepper and a cucumber plant along with strawberry  vines and blueberry bushes.
 The next day I was able to pick one okra and one cucumber.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Prepare for a Long Plane Flight

Prepare for your plane flight

Before your flight prepare yourself at least five days in advance.  During this time drink plenty of water.  Watch what you eat.  Avoid greasy, salty foods and foods that cause gas.  Yes, that means you can't eat at your favorite burger joint or eat the beans and cabbage you love so much.
     The day of your flight avoid carbonated and alcoholic beverages.  Remember you don't want any drink that will cause you to become dehydrated or make you frequent the bathroom on the plane.
    When you board be smart and take sanitize wipes to wipe everything that people touch on the plane. Some planes have sanitizing wipes you can ask the flight attendant to bring you.  If you don't understand this google the germs on a plane.  It is better to look silly than to become sick from those germs left behind from some other person.
    Most important prevent DVT by moving around every so often.  Get up and walk up and down the isle every hour or two.  Stretch your legs and reposition yourself in the seat often.