Saturday, November 26, 2011

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Gainesville, FL

Thanksgiving was wonderful this year.  I spent it with my children and extended family.  My son-in-law's brother brought his girlfriend who is a vegan.  She was sweet and brought a wonderful squash side dish.  I was happy that we didn't go shopping the next day.  I know you can save a lot but I don't like the crowd.  God has given me a lot to be thankful for this year.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Who can't get a job?

It is going to be good to have two days off from work.  I was watching the news and it made me mad all the people that are living on us working people.  I have never had a large income but I was able to support myself and my two children by working two jobs.  The children didn't have all the popular toys and clothing but we had love and fun.  Instead of going to a movie we went for a bike ride or the library.  Yes our clothing came from thrift shops or family hand-me-downs.  No my X was not the type to pay child support.
We made it by being thrifty, doing without, and working hard as a family.
I am proud of my children and they are successful, hard working adults with excellent morals.
Hard work is good for you. 
To those that want a handout get off it and get a job.  It will do you good.

Was it a scam

I called my local property tax office because I didn't receive my tax bill and you won't believe what they did!  They mailed my tax bill to a stranger.  The person didn't even have a  name that started with the same first letter.  At first they blamed it on the Post Office but hours later and after talking to seven different people they said they made a mistake.
I wonder if it was a mistake or did someone do this to help with some sort of fraud?
I hope it is all cleared up now.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Stay Busy

I am so busy but I love it.  I am enjoying my job's.  I did spend the last few week's sick but I am better now.  Today I am off until later this evening so I am taking the time to accomplish all those task that I have let go.  First I got the oil changed in my car, then I went to pay my property tax. 
The tax office had sent my bill to some other person in some other state.  After paying my property tax and insuring they had the proper address I decided to relax and play on the computer.