Friday, November 27, 2015

Princess Flight

Princess Flight
 Today is Friday and we will stay inside and eat left overs from Thanksgiving .
If the truth be told Flight will only get cat food.  There is a big rule in this home, " No table food for Flight".
There have been a lot of articles about how bad table food is for your pet and we will take no chance on our little princess.
 Flight likes to climb up on the chair and slap at me if I don't pay her enough attention.
 It's time for my exercise, Flight seams to say as she looks up at me.
 I always try to make Flight get some exercise but I'm only able to chase her around the house one or two times a day.
 Flight said, "Mom does a good job with the loud machine that sucks air up off the floor.
I believe she said it was a vacuum.  It is offal loud."

  What's this?  Flight seams not to understand when I tell her that she is shedding.
 Attention she seams to say as she waits for her brushing of the day.
Flight may have an issue with being disturbed when playing with my toys.

Now it is time to sit and relax.
Princess Flight on her throne.

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