Sunday, August 15, 2010

Train town Quilt

I had some striped fabric that I used for the train tracks. The trees I just cut out of scrap fabric along with the castle. The train and smoke were pieced together with odd and end peaces of scraps.

You will notice that the demensions are all off. The train is bigger than the castle.

You can see I outlined the quilt with Thomas The Train fabric and also used a light blue Thomas the Train fabric for the backing.

The light house and church were my favorite parts to make. The picture doesn't show the light flashing out from the light house or the sun reflecting off of the steeple of the church. The church is the center building with the blue front and gray roof. The pastor is standing on the tracks at the back of the church. Notice the pastor is bigger than the church.

The wind mill is all by itself. I should have had a field of corn with it.

My grandson loves this quilt. He has taken it to school for show and tell.

The face on the pastor was difficult to do. My mother-in-law had taught me haw to do candle wicking years ago and I use some of it to do the eyes, nose and mouth.

The waterwheel didn't turn out well. I pictured it in my head but it didn't work.

The train may be a little off but a four year old little boy still understands what it is.

The cave made of rock should be larger than the train.

The grass and shrub around the house did not turn out as well as I would have liked but the yellow for windows with light's on looks good.

This is a picture of the final quilt.

For my Grandson.

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