Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blue, Yellow, and Maroon Double Wedding Ring Quilt

The blue and maroon colors I picked to be close to the U.S. Marine Corp colors. Both my son and his lovely bride are marines so since they met in the marines I felt it fitting to make the quilt in the Cor colors.

I have noticed that once a marine always a marine must be true. Every marine I have known still holds the pride and comittment to the cor even years after they retire or serve their time and get out.

I have always been told to stay with cotton when making a quilt and definetly not to mix fabric types. Well I broke the rule. I used a satin for the blue on the front and the maroon on the backing. The yellow that I used for the rings was cotton. I admit I did have problems with puckering but that I believe is due to my inexperience in using satin fabric.

The small yellow arc pieces have a range of prints. There are baby bottle's, snake dimond's, stripes, bumble bees, fruit and vegetables.

My daughter-in-law must like the quilt because she took it to the hospital with her when my grandson was born. She sent me some lovely pictures of her holding her new baby while they were both covered with the quilt.

The quilt is nine years old and still looks good. It may not last for years like the cotton quilts but the mixture of satin and cotton seems to be holding up so far.

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