Tuesday, August 10, 2010

King Butterfly Quilt

This quilt was for my little girl when she went to college.

The lizard material was from my little girls blouse.

The top wings or this butterfly were from a dress, my Grandmother gave me.

The top of this was scraps from a shirt I made.

Top of both these are from a shirt of my little girl.

The red bottom wings were made form my son and daughters high school graduation gown's.

The top wings of this made a pretty dress for myself.

I made a shirt out of the material of the top wings.

The top fabric was a dress while the bottom was a robe.

I don't remember where the top material came from but the bottom was another robe of mine.

The top of this was one of my daughters dresses.

The top of this was also one of her dresses.

The top fabric here was left over from making curtains for my den.

The bottom fabric was from my college graduation.

Fabric from my sons tie makes up the body and top wings of the butterfly.

The top of these were a dress I had.
You can barely see the gray print but this was left over material from a dress I made myself.

I made a dress for my sister out of the blue calico fabric.

Looking at the bed you can see I also made a couple pillow cases.

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