Saturday, July 9, 2011

I cut the pattern but got sidetrackedby Fort Caroline was calling my name today.  As I cut out the pattern I decided to take time to get outside.  I drove to Fort Caroline and enjoyed a nature walk.

 I had to record the sound's of nature, I hope you enjoy them.

 The history in this place is wonderful.  There is everything from the French and Spanish fighting to religious persicution.  The Native Americans were the support that made this possible.
 To think that in the 1500's France wanted some of the riches that Spain had gotten from trade. 
 La Caroline was the first permanent claim in North America that France attempted.  This commercial venture  along with religious conflict  led Admiral Gaspard de Coligny to propose the the crown  to make this a Huguenots colony.

 As you can see I also enjoyed the wildlife.

The Spanish pond was across the street from Fort Caroline.

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