Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Night Cap

1/4 inch ribbon or 1/4 in elastic
1 yard fabric cut in circle to fit head with 2 inch extra and a one inch wide one yard strip.
safety pin

Make a circle two inches larger than your head at the point you wish for the hat to tighten.
Start two inches from end of circle and place the strip around the hat. Be to remember to place a 1/4 inch under fold on both sides. Stop one inch from other end. Cut strip and leave enough so it can be sewn together later.
Place two button holes just big enough for the ribbon on the fleece circle in the are where the strip will cover. Sew the strip together and finish sewing to the circle.
Draw the ribbon through the button holes with the safety pin. when there is one end exiting each button hole pin the two sides together.
Hem the outside of the circle.
Undo safety pin. Draw ribbon together so it fits the head and tie in a bow.
If using elastic delete the button holes and adjust to fit.
dadaa you now have a night cap.

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